Advocates Want Free Above-Ground G Train Transfers

11.29.12 Andy Cush

The much-maligned G Train is at the heart of a new battle between subway riders groups and the MTA. Advocates want the Brooklyn-Queens train, which provides scattered transfer service to Manhattan-bound lines, to start allowing passengers to transfer above-ground to nearby stations, free of charge. “We’re not asking to build an expensive new connection between stations,” said Greg Richane of the group Riders Alliance. “We just want people to be able to transfer for free when the G train crosses other lines, which is something the MTA can provide basically for free.”

Particularly, straphangers want to be able to walk from the G’s Broadway Station to the Lorimer Street J/M stop, and from the Fulton Street station to the transit hub at Atlantic Pacific.

For now, however, te transit authority isn’t having it. “[New York City Transit] does not have a policy of providing never-before-offered external transfers via the sidewalks except where mitigating a service change,” said spokesman Kevin Ortiz.

(Photo: Bitch Cakes/Flickr)