Ai Weiwei: World’s Most Powerful Artist

10.13.11 Marina Galperina

ArtReview has crowned it’s “Power 100” and there’re a few overlaps with world’s wealthiest artists, Marina the diva, Jeff the big cheesy cheese, Dasha the art world superstar who can throw tattooed crotch at us and park her Russian billionaire’s boyfriend’s laser-shooting yacht anywhere she wants because she’s a big deal, and then there’s Ai Weiwei.

Ai knocks Larry Gagosian off the top spot from last year’s round-up, after being kidnapped by the government and imprisoned for highly speculative reasons for 80 days for all that Tweeting and truth-telling. Naughty! This latest development is going to piss off some government goons! Oh wait, yeah it just did, says Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin:

China has many artists who have sufficient ability. We feel that a selection that is based purely on a political bias and perspective has violated the objectives of the magazine.