Al Franken is Beginning to Look Like a Formidable U.S. Senator

10.22.09 Cajun Boy

franken_diaper Okay, I’ll admit it: when Al Franken was finally announced as the winner in that clusterfuck of a Minnesota Senate race last year, I was skeptical. I mean, the U.S. Senate is filled with Herculean incompetents. Hell, some of them can barely wipe their own ass and remain lucid during a ten-minute speech (I’m looking at you Robert Byrd!), but something about Franken’s election just seemed so ridiculously laughable to me. Nowhere near as laughable as Minnesota electing an ex-pro wrestler as its governor, but still, very laughable. But with each passing day Franken is becoming perhaps my favorite person in the entire dysfunctional body. Case in point: this complete evisceration of a conservative think tank person who made the claim that universal health care would lead to an increased number of personal bankruptcies.