Inflatable Art Maze for Adults

10.01.12 Irina Dvalidze

Few objects can evoke the same sense of childlike wonder than things that inflate, bouncy bouncy. Nottingham artist Alan Parkinson’s Luminarium knows that, but since entering a bouncy house is not really appropriate past your teens, Parkinson is has created an adult-friendly alternative. Sure, let’s call it art.

Luminarium combines multicolor plastic tunnels, paths, and dome sculptures into larger structures that function as chambers of fluctuating light blocks. As you can see, it looks way cooler than it sounds. Parkinson and his company Architects of Air have completed a total of six structures  with the largest one — Miracoco — currently on display at Evergreen Garden in Wuhan, China.

Worry not, they are doing a world tour so we’ll all get out turn so you can nourish your adult within your child within. Just don’t expect to run into sexy Hamlet or the orgy dome.