Alice in NYC’s Wonderland

09.13.11 Spencer Lund

Lewis Carrol’s hallucinogenic Alice in Wonderland is getting a 21st century makeover in Author Susan Crimp’s Alice in NYC Wonderland – The Text Generation. The Kindle-only release updates the famous saga, but this time it’s a descendent of Alice from the Bronx who falls asleep and wakes up near the E. 75th St. statue of Alice.

The entire book is a series of text messages, detailing 21st century Alice’s affinity for “JUICY” couture, “fbook” and the “Yankees.” Text messages are splayed out as a narrative while Alice strolls through the new Wonderland in Central Park .

The Millennial Alice is a NARK (Not a Rick Kid), who inherits her piano teacher’s West Side Apartment and “LUVS” NYC. Crimp thought of the idea after she saw a 15 year-old-boy who thought the Beatles were a cool new band. “[I realized] It really doesn’t matter how old a thing is as long as it’s a good thing.”

Charles Dodgson thinks that’s “LOL.” (Photo: -JvL-/flickr)