All Charges Dropped In Cro-Mags Stabbing

12.14.12 Andy Cush

Cro-Mags founder and former bassist Harley Flanagan was arrested for stabbing and biting two members of the band at a Webster Hall show in July. Today, Sean Paramenter, Flanagan’s lawyer, announced all charges had been dropped. “This is great news for him and his family,” said Paramenter of the decision. “He feels vindicated.”

Paramenter had maintained that Flanagan acted in self-defense, and that prosecutors wouldn’t be able to produce any witnesses to make their case, referencing the hardcore community’s general anti-cop sentiment. Flanagan, who had long feuded with other members of the band,especially frontman John “Bloodclot” Joseph, said he had gone to the show in attempt to bury the hatchet, but was attacked.

“This whole thing is a joke,” said Flanagan after a court date earlier this week, “and has become as boring as the people who pretend to represent New York Hardcore these days.”

(Photo: Bowery Boogie)