All the Glitch Art Pillows!

11.28.12 Marina Galperina

In the spirit of Phillip Stearns’ amazing Glitch Textiles, here is artist Benjamin Berg aka Stallio with a series of attractive glitch art throw pillow covers.

They are just amazing and beautiful and I would please like all of them right here right now in a giant pile whereupon I shall proceed to jump nudely and deep into the middle of said glitch pile and roll joyfully around in its colorful prismatic softness and ponder all that is wrong with a particular byte of digital information and right with the world. Long live glitch art! Ooooooooaaaaaaaah!!!

Excuse me.

In an era of the digital, non-physical realm instructing a significant chunk of our operative reality, there is something deeply satisfying in the nature Berg’s medium, in the very tangible application of what is essentially intangible static. There’s something to be said as well of the new domestic craft element, of the act of beautifying your immediate physical environment by recognizing and elevating the digital defect in all its possibilities. The New Aesthetic? It’s no longer “new.” We’re there and we’re comfortable. We have pillows.

(Images: The Creator’s Project)