Allegedly Vaginal Art Censored in Alaska

02.21.12 Marina Galperina

The town of Wasilla, Alaska now has another claim to fame, other than electing Sarah Palin for mayor that one time, egh. Apparently, the locals think that this public artwork erected at Wasilla High School “resembles a large vagina,” which, among other things, suggests they may not know what a vagina looks like. We’re not even talking the anatomical vagina/vulva/yoni colloquial confusion. We’re talking about a side-ways almond shape with a hand-print on it allegedly resembling lady parts. 

Really? If anything, this little stump is phallic, albeit, not very impressively. Since its unveiling, the publicly funded art work has been hidden under a tarp. The principal assures it’s for “protection,” not censorship. Hmm, sounds familiar. 

The work is described like so:

“Emerging from the powerful stone form are two warrior shields encircled by glowing feathers. The bronze shield has a hand impression showing ‘good deeds.’ The aluminum shield has a flame symbol representing the ‘spark of inspiration.’ The stone form represents the strong material from which a warrior is made.”

Uh… sexy.

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