Anarchist Art Group Voina Wins State ‘Innovation’ Art Prize

04.08.11 Marina Galperina

Hours ago, Voina’s anti-authoritarian drawbridge graff-bomb Dick Captured by the FSB was awarded the Innovation-2010 prize for best visual work of art. The crowd then began chanting “Dick! Dick! Dick!” Voina’s rep writes that they won’t keep the 400,000 ruble prize ($14,180) but will “forward it to political prisoners in Russia.”

To review: The oppressed/imprisoned artists initially rejected the gov prize nom as “schizophrenic” and urged a boycott, then they objected their cut form list of finalists, then the “cut” was officially reversed by the prize jury and earlier, the artists Tweeted: “Nothing to brag about, but Voina won the Innovation prize.” Cue press release.

Sure, their media image seems passive aggressive, but their art actions are as direct as they can be. We’re looking forward to those.