Andy Warhol Superstar’s a Giant Purple 9/11 Art Thing

08.23.11 Marina Galperina

French expat Ultra Violet rolled around quite a few of Andy Warhol’s Factory films and she fucked Salvador Dalí, so this 75-year-old artist’s got star rep. Now the rebel Catholic girl turned godless Superstar turned Mormon has a submission for the 9/11 Ground Zero museum. It’s a 9/11, specifically, a 10-foot-tall IXXI.

She’s been obsessively making sculptures out of the date’s Roman numeral.

“I’m a New Yorker, so 9/11 affected me,” she says. Never forget 9/11. Also, it’s violet. Never forget Ultra Violet.

Here she is, hazy, horny back in the careless days, talkin’ about scar and foot fetishes in Warhol’s I a man: