Animals Eating Animals: Episode 5

10.18.12 Mike Immerman

Animals Eating Animals is a six-episode, weekly webseries that follows the culinary adventures of Jeffrey Ryan Creager, chef de cuisine at The Beagle (formerly of ‘inoteca and Betto), and Jan Warren, head bartender at Dutch Kills. The pair ride their bikes through New York’s boroughs seeking out the strangest, most interesting meat dishes the city has to offer.

For episode five, Jeff makes a brief stop at Jan’s stomping grounds, Dutch Kills for some takeaway booze and then they quickly move on to their ultimate destination: Kabab Café in Astoria. It’s there that the duo feast on lamb testicles, brain, and heart as prepared by Chef Ali. Yum.

Episode 1: Foie Gras Donuts
Episode 2: Pig Face
Episode 3: Dim Sum
Episode 4: Phaal Curry Challenge

Direction/Edit: Michael Immerman
Producer: Momo Berg-Munch
Picture: Aymann Ismail
Picture: Drake Miller
Additional Picture: Ian Bell
Sound: Michael Coffman
Animation: Blake Patrick
Additional Editing: Chell Stephen
Assistant Editing: Pamela Jane Mendoza
Music: Jan Warren, Ian Bell, Gino Fortebuono, Joseph Schullhoff, Kris Moore, Michael Coffman.