“Anti-Feminist” Lawyer Sues MTA Over Unlimited Metrocards

11.26.13 Andy Cush

Roy Den Hollander, a self-described “anti-feminist” attorney who’s best known for suing clubs over the supposed sexist nature of ladies’ night, is now setting his sights on the MTA. In a new lawsuit, Hollander alleges that the transit authority is violating New York’s false advertising laws by selling 7- and 30-day unlimited Metrocards.

Hollander’s suit alleges that a 7-day pass expires at midnight seven days after you first use it, meaning that unless your first swipe comes just after 12AM, you’re getting short changed a few hours. The same principle applies to 30-day cards, according to Hollander.

Given Hollander’s history, even if his claims are true (are they? I usually don’t pay that much attention when I buy my card), this is probably a cry for attention.

Here he is on the Colbert Report discussing the scourge of ladies’ night in 2011.