AP: That’s Not Neil Armstrong at Beck’s Rally

08.31.10 Marina Galperina

In a fit of overzealous pandering, the Associated Press mistook a Tea Bagger for American hero Neil Armstrong the other day. Oopsies: A captioning error. The AP issued a correction, but the media continued to misreport the caption. That’s not him in the photo, but did the moon walker actually attend Glenn Beck’s white power picnic in DC?

That depends on whether his NASA-related grudge with Obama is as strong as Alveda King’s fear of gays.

See the Tea Baggers express their First Amendment rights to prove that they’re “not insensitive” and “not crack pots” in this interview vid. Apparently, “Al Sharpton and his Black Panthers” are coming for them. To be fair, I think some of them are actually ‘tarded.

Desperate to be victims, the only thing they’re victims of is Glenn Beck the Koch brothers, FOX sponsors and probably diabetes.