Apocalyptic Fires Hault Apocalyptic Flick Filming in Moscow

08.09.10 Marina Galperina

Fires in Russia

Fires are raging all over Russia with 50 casualties and growing. Villages are burnt to smoldering dirt. And now that a thick, toxic fog has descended on the Moscow area and punk-ish protesters are strolling around in gas masks, things are getting a little too real for apocalyptic thriller director Chris Gorak.

Carbon monoxide is six times the maximum safety limit, but the film crew of alien invasion flick The Darkest Hour are concerned about “the look of the town” all covered in reddish smog like that. The filming is being delayed for two weeks until the situation gets settled, they hope. Yeah, not very likely.

Meanwhile, people are risking their hides trying to help the devastated villagers, volunteers are getting hassled by local medics to turn over their rescue supplies, there are piles of baked animal corpses laying on the roads, and in the villages, drunk firemen are playing cards next to their trucks with the fire hose valves open, emptying the water into the mud. Let’s hope that’s not the norm.

Here’s your real, sadly photogenic horror: