Archaic Apple Sells For $374,500

06.18.12 Marina Galperina

One of six working 1976 Apple I computers was recently sold at Sotheby’s to a very enthusiastic phone bidder for more than twice its high estimate. It doesn’t even have WiFi OMG LOL!! WTF?

Hand-built by Steve Wozniak, the historic computer was one of the first “compact” models, very significant. Respect! It was originally priced at $666.66 as an assembled circuit board because, quoth Wozniak, “it was just an easier way to type,” allegedly or you know, [insert conspiracy theory here].

Drool upon a third of a million dollars worth of machine innards:

“Operational  Apple  Computer  I.    An  Apple  I  motherboard,  labeled  on  obverse  Apple  Computer  I,  Palo  Alto,  CA.  Copyright  1976.  Includes  circuit  board  with  four  rows  A-D,  and  columns  1-18;  MOS  Technologies  6502  microprocessor,  labeled  MCS  6502  3776;  video  terminal;  keyboard  interface;  8K  bytes  RAM  in  16-pin  4K  memory  chips;  4  power  supplies  including  3  capacitors;  firmware  in  PROMS  (A1,  A2);  low-profile  sockets  on  all  integrated  circuits;  breadboard;  heatsink;  expansion  connector;  cassette  board  connector.  (15  1/8  x  9  in.;  385  x  234  mm)”

Boop beep boop.

(Image: Sotheby’s)