Archaic Beasts, Wandering Girls, And The Last Bird On Earth

07.12.12 Andy Cush

Nothing Lasts Forever, Nothing is Lost Forever, a forthcoming performance piece from choreographer/director Saifan Shmerer, presents an apocalyptic dream that looks equal parts Fever Ray and Where the Wild Things Are. In the above trailer, a black bird slowly turns on a spotlit pedestal while horned beasts romp and gyrate around, Rite of Spring-style. It’s at once wonderful and a little unsettling.

The piece “inhabits the shifting intersection of linear and cyclical time,” according to the project’s Kickstarter page. “In a world of archaic beasts, wandering girls, and the last bird on earth, we observe how environment, mythos, and future culminate in a self-fulfilling prophecy of inevitable destruction.” It’s unclear exactly how that heady mission statement will manifest itself, but judging by the trailer and accompanying press images, the performance will be evocative at the very least.

If funded, Nothing Lasts Forever, Nothing is Lost Forever will debut at Greenpoint’s The End September 27.