Argentinian Government Ruins Vandalized Statue

09.08.11 Marina Galperina

A classic cast of Auguste Rodin’s The Thinker was recently sprayed pink in Buenos Aires, the Argentinian government caused more substantial damage to the work by blasting it with water. The amateur clean up caused “irreversible damage” to the original blue algae patination, a part of the statue considered valuable by conservationists.

Just like the swift and hugely unpopular clean up of the storied vandalism of a Soviet monument in Bulgaria, the efforts aren’t going over well.

The statue was given green hair and a shoulder tat, but the anonymous vandals’ motives are unclear. Were they doing a David Černý tribute? Were they trying to turn The Thinker into a punkish feminist? Were they trying to get on a blog?

UPDATE: Spanish speakers to the rescue! The “pensa de que te sirvio” graffiti is slang-ish to the tune of “Think about what is good for you” or “Think about what worked for you.”