Arizona’s White-Washed School Mural to be Re-Latino’d

06.07.10 Marina Galperina

marioThe Arizona elementary school mural that was recently white-washed is now being restored. School officials have publicly apologized that they bowed to demands of yelling racists who didn’t like seeing a Latino kid in the center of the mural.

Here’s the fucked up part: It’s an actual kid. His name is Mario. The mural artists had started to patch-pink Mario’s forehead, but the school principal and superintendent decided to return the mural to “its original theme.” See them sweat and stammer “We made a mistake. Shame on us. We’re sorry!” in front of Mario’s mural Vitiligo here.

Blabbering Councilman Steve Blair who “had to ask the question why” there’s “Black person” up there was fired from his radio show.