Arrested Times Square Nude Model Says: “Completely Worth It”

09.02.11 Marina Galperina

ANIMAL caught up with Zoe West, the unrepentant 21-year-old actress who went fully nude in Times Square and was painted by local artist Andy Golub. She was hauled off by the cops, despite doing nothing illegal. The freedom of expression fighter talks about her interaction with “macho” cops during her wrongful arrest below.

How did the coppers treat her?

They weren’t so bad. They were macho and trying to use their power when they first arrested me in front of the press. But when I got to the station they were pretty decent… especially when they realized they had no RIGHT to arrest me to begin with. I walked into the precinct naked, stood around for a few minutes and then they put a coat over me until they allowed me to get into my clothes. They handcuffed me to a bench in the “juvenile delinquent” office until I was released.

How does it feel to be standing up for freedom of expression?

Great, it was completely worth it. I have been receiving tons of e-mails from all different people who were truly inspired by the whole event. If what happened can inspire people around the world then I truly achieved what I set out to do.

As far as the charges,

No charges yet, there are no charges to be pressed against me. It is part of my freedom of expression to do exactly what I did. I am in contact with a lawyer as we speak and you will find out information probably sooner than I. More to come.

Got kudos? She’s playing Celia in Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” in Woodstock, NY this weekend.

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