This Is Not Art, This Is a Man With a Hand Attached to His Ankle

12.17.13 Andy Cush

To save Xiao Wei’s hand after he lost in an accident at work, doctors in China’s Changsha region attached it to his ankle. For a month. Then put it back in the normal hand spot, at the end of the wrist.

Why? To keep blood flowing to the hand while they performed other necessary surgeries, like fixing an arm that had been “flattened” in the accident.

The procedure apparently isn’t as unorthodox as it seems. “The Chinese are pretty experienced in microsurgery, and the concept of saving a severed part of the body by attaching it to another part of the body to give it a blood supply is well recognized,” Cairian Healy of England’s Royal College of Surgeons told the BBC. “The ankle is a hard place to graft though. Usually surgeons would go for the armpit because the blood supply is better.”