Art Thoughtz: Hennessy Youngman's History of Performance Art

02.06.12 Marina Galperina

Art ThoughtzFrom the Internet’s best art critic behind Art Thoughtz: Damien Hirst, here’s Hennessy Youngman’s crash course through performance art’s various attempts to annoy people through the ages. Featuring: “white males with scissors” and “titties.”

Delivered in classic Hennessy tongue-in-cheek dead-pan, it’s full of wisdom and ha-has, and yes, this shit is mad long, but worth more than your average art crit seminar, I promise.

But fine, I’ll help: Hit 05:40 for throughtz on OWS, 06:30 for heavy thoughts on the Internet culture, and 9:00 for free art pieces that “reveal the performative nature of the ritual of the everyday” like Accidentally Text a Picture of Your Penis to Your Mother Instead of Your Girlfriend Piece or the Horizontal 1% in your Protest Sign that Says “Fuck the 1%” is Misconstrued as a Penis and Scrotum and you are Met With Ridicule Piece. 

This was originally performed at PERFORMA HA!, but check these ART THOUGHTZ: How to Be a Successful Black Artist, How to Make an Art and Relational Aesthetics (and how they’re like herpes).