BAM Exhibits Ever Flickr Photo Under the Sun

12.21.09 Will Sherman


The Brooklyn Academy of Music tauntingly times one of their brightest exhibitions for the dark days of winter. Next month, artist Penelope Umbrico will unveil “5,537,594 Suns From Flickr,” an installation of solar shots appropriated and cropped off the photo sharing website. Like other collections by the Brooklyn-based artist, from TV reflections on Craiglist to broken monitors on Ebay, “Suns from the Internet” is an ongoing project as the internet continues producing piles of strikingly similar photos.

“Leonards for Leonard & 5,537,594 Suns From Flickr (Partial) 5/30/09,” January 6 – March 14, 2010, Brooklyn Academy of Music

Detail of “Suns From Flickr” by Penelope Umbrico