Artist Melts Bloodsicle Swastika in Protest of May Day

05.02.11 Marina Galperina

There are countries that take this May Day stuff seriously. Hundreds of thousands marched in Moscow yesterday: an army of anti-Kremlin liberals, clusters of Commies and hoards of irritating, xenophobic Nationalists, all with their own agendas. On that note, here’s outsider artist BioNihil melting swastika-shaped ice made from his own blood by pressing it against the wall of an unemployment office in Weimar, Germany.

Yes, that was illegal, but the lonely performance went over cop-less. To butcher/paraphrase the gist of the action (with a nod to Fluxus artist Wolf Vostell):

Our body is territorially owned by the state based on the rules of the elites. Our body is frozen, alienated and sold into the work force. We become static objects incapable of creative passion and are easily manipulated and deformed according to the state’s needs. This is a burning collision with the system. We should melt the ice in which we are trapped.