Artist Microwaves Islamophobic Coloring Book for Sculpture

09.23.11 Marina Galperina

Artist Kenny Hassan Irwin has found a good use for publisher Wayne Bell’s Islamophobic coloring book “The We Shall Never Forget 9:11 The Kids’ Book of Freedom” — incinerating it in his MALIK 11000 Microwaving Robot. Combined with mixed media & prosthetic hyena eyes, the coloring book is transformed into AntiBigotSLUG. You can buy it on eBay. Now watch Kenny burn it up on YouTube…

Kenny reminds the viewers that “Stereotyping, racial profiling, hate, bigotry and racism and any of its forms belong in the microwave. They should not be directed at other human beings because it’s most counterproductive.”

He also did Conan O’Brien’s Christmas decorating.