Artist Transforms Nasty Outdoor Sex Matress

10.16.13 Kyle Petreycik

After a friend complained to performance artist Bryan Saunders about the bothersome noise local sex workers and their customers had been making on a dirty outdoor mattress the artist decided it was time for him to give little something back to his community of Johnson City, Tennessee.

Saunders enlisted the help of two friends and decided to spruce up the place up a bit, turning the once dirty and decrepit “fuck mattress” into a pleasant little spot much more deserving of a late night interlude. The three men invested in new sets of sheets, pillows, condoms, panties as well as a garbage can, and had even gone as far as to plant a couple flowers and shrubs to add a little bit of extra charm.

Unfortunately the artist’s valiant efforts towards sprucing up this downtown love spot only lasted about a week before the place started to get messy again. Take a look in the gallery above to see the transformation.

(Image:  Bryan Saunders)