Artists Buy Out an Entire Corner Store

06.08.11 Marina Galperina

storeFive artists walked into Hercules Fancy Grocery in the West Village with a briefcase of cash and bought everything they had. Watch the artists empty out the inventory to the surprised glee of the charming old store owner.

As part of the Lower East Side Fusion Arts Museum’s exhibit “Store Buyout: The Art of Convenience,” the artists lead by Kyle MacDonald have christened the purchased items as art and are selling them to the public. A lighter is reborn as Portable Sun. A pack of cigarettes is re-priced “at the sum total of a pack-a-day smoker’s monthly expenditure” and is titled The Last Hurrah. The concept of an ordinary Coke can is literally turned on its head, becoming infinitely more meaningful as Upside Down Coke Can… Ha.