Artist’s Notebook:
Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw

11.19.12 Marina Galperina

ANIMAL’s feature Artist’s Notebook asks artists to show us their idea sketch next to a finished piece. This week, artists Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw talk about riding a gigantic wheel into a troth of gold liquid over and over and over.

We had the pleasure of stopping by Allegra LaViola for the opening performance of Super Supra Diluvian where we were greeted by Paul and Jennifer stoically squirting water at each other while riding around the gallery in motorized fountain/high chair hybrids, above a packed crowd wearing mandatory red wigs and prosthetic beards. Well, they promised a spectacle. Go down for ANIMAL’s video of Super Supra Diluvian in action.

We create such large scale, performative, and interactive pieces, that we begin with going to a bar, taking several shots of whiskey and discussing some broad concepts. Whatever we remember the next day is a keeper!

Our sketchbooks are a series of lists, quotes, writings, scribbles, which then form into collages, where aesthetics begin to be taken into consideration. As collaborators, it’s a great way to see a general vision, then we can remove or glue on top of what is present. We use the images to categorize, create new links with what we are thinking, until we hit the bulls eye for our performance.

The building process involves a series of CAD drawings, then lots and lots of math to ensure we won’t die on our project. (We use a lot of hydraulics to lift people, tables and trucks!) Then, we collect supplies, make the costumes, make more lists, occasionally consult with expects, build, install, and perform.

Our installation Super Supra Diluvian is only complete when you are present. We began with the concept of celebrity, wealth, Roman fountains as the ultimate display of wealth, us being vomitted on with gold, then we found the myth of Fortuna. The concept developed from there into the carnivalesque, yet painful symbolism of the wheel.

(Video: Joseph Schulhoff/ANIMALNewYork) 

“Super Supra Diluvian,” Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw, Nov 14 – Dec 23, Allegra LaViola, New York

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