Artists On Film, In Paintings

10.10.12 Irina Dvalidze

Anyone who has had to sit through Lust for Life, Kirk Douglas’ depiction of Van Gogh screened in every college art history class ever taught by senile tenured dinosaurs, will tell you that most artists are alcoholic, tortured souls who make no money and die alone. Joe Fig challenges that myth with his Cinematic Paintings series, which depicts artists as they appear in various films. Fig watches the films a number of times, looking to capture the most subtle moments of his characters, and photographs the scenes to be consequently painted.

“I’ve interviewed countless artists abut their artistic process and daily routines and found that the myth—at least today—is a fallacy, and that the successful artists are the ones who are the most disciplined and focused,” Fig said in a recent interview with The Morning News.

In many ways, Fig does what few have done before, he stands up for art as a profession and that’s worth something.

Cinematic Paintings, Joe Fig, Sep 6th-Oct 20th, Cristin Tierney Gallery, New York