Artists Shoot Sunflower Seeds at Weiwei’s ‘Sunflower Seeds,’ He Likes It!

01.31.11 Marina Galperina

Mischievous Italian art group IOCOSE crashed Ai Weiwei’s Sunflower Seeds exhibition in London this weekend. Dressed all nice and armed with a bag of sunflower seeds and slingshots, the four artists shot a few real seeds into Ai Weiwei’s immaculate carpet-pile of hand-painted porcelain seeds. See the video of the museum intervention below. Update: Ai Weiwei Tweeted IOCOSE with “good work.”

Taking hacking museums to a whole new level, IOCOSE also altered the exhibition sign as part of Sunflower Seeds in ‘Sunflower Seeds (2011).’ Sounds like it was a hit:

it took a while before the security noticed iocose’s unruly behaviour. when asked to leave their own exhibition, the four iocoses expressed disappointment and were joined by a group of tourists who were honestly appreciating the unexpected opening. despite this, iocose would like to complain for the lack of promptness by the security. now that iocose’s work is on exhibition the group would like to demand major awareness on its preservation.

The bag of real seeds cost a buck and a half. A bag of Ai Weiwei’s seeds might fetch more than $190,000 at Sotheby’s, but they should probably check those seeds first.

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