Artists Stich Their Arms Together in Support of Mistreated Migrants

12.21.11 Marina Galperina

STITCHThis graphic performance action follows the international occurrence of protestors sewing their mouths closed, like this one in Greece in solidarity with mistreated Iranian asylum seekers. Watch as two artists get Stitched Together. NSFW.

For International Migrants Day, Boryana Rossa (artist, curator, educator) and Oleg Mavromatti (artist, web-controlled self-electrocution performer) re-contextualize the drastic protest gesture “in solidarity with migrants around the world”:

Many migrant protestors stitch their mouths as a symbol of their voices being shut. This gesture is visually appealing, provoking and desperate. We would like to use this technique but overcome despair and create an image of solidarity… We stitch the fingers of our hands into fists.

The stitched mouths protests and hunger strikes took place earlier this year in Athens to bring attention to Greece’s backlog of 52,000 cases involving alleged human rights violations towards asylum-seeking migrants that are held for months in overcrowded, unhygienic, badly ventilated detention centers and prisons, starved and trapped.