A$AP Mob Drops First Group Single, “Bath Salt”

07.27.12 Andy Cush

A$AP Rocky and lesser-known Baltimore affiliate A$AP Ant have hooked up with Brooklyn rap weirdos Flatbush Zombies for the first single from A$AP Mob’s forthcoming group mixtape. All four rappers take the track’s (weirdly singular) title as a mandate, going in with a wild-eyed, frenetic abandon that’s a far cry from the narcotic crawl we’ve come to expect from Rocky and co.

The track, produced by newcomer P On The Boards, is a good match for the spazzed-out face-eating evoked by the title, all skittering high-hats and ominous woodwind samples. The thing hits hard enough that it’s almost possible to overlook Ant’s extraordinarily boneheaded verse, featuring such memorable lines as “I see fear/y’all some fucking queers/grow a fucking beard/I’m ‘posed to be here.” I’d love to hear an edit that does away with Ant’s verse, or better yet, a remix featuring a tag-in from friend-of-A$AP Danny Brown, whose adderall-fueled yelp would be a perfect fit for all the paranoia and menace on display here.

According to A$AP Mob’s official site, the group will be releasing a full tape “within the next few weeks.”