Astor Place Cube Wrapped by Caltech Prank Club

12.14.11 Marina Galperina

The spinning cubical Alamo sculpture at Astor Place has been cozily wrapped by Caltech minions. While not as festive as Olek’s, this intervention got me giddy: The California Institute of Technology has a storied history of pranks. The hope was that this is some sort of a Trojan Horse in an epic nerdy rivalry battle or perchance, a sciency riddle challenge, an academic “sword in the stone” if you will. Nah, it’s a Portal gaming thing, apparently.

Womp womp. Unless, of course, it’s deeper than it appears. Context? Theories? Anyone?

According to the official letter claiming responsibility for the “prank,” this is a very harmless case of urban intervention and the cube can be “euthanized” with a simple slicing off of its tethers. Anywho, it’s no hacked Hollywood sign à la Caltech circa 2003.