An Atom Smasher In New York

09.18.12 Irina Dvalidze

Yesterday, a crew of movers casually dragged a giant Cyclotron a.k.a. an atom smasher through the doors of the New York Historical Society on Central Park West. Before you start trembling with apocalyptic nightmarish visions of your future, relax. According to reputable authorities, the device is supposedly harmless, aside from the fact that it is a 6-feet-7-inch-long piece of metal created solely for the purpose of smashing atoms, which is where the whole ATOMIC BOMB thing came from.

Back in the olden days, Cyclotrons created high energy beams which were consequently used for nuclear physics experiments, which gave the U.S. the fighting power to you know… scare the entire human population into digging underground bunkers — a legacy that still affects us today in a form of awful Branden Frasier movies.

Despite our hope that the “inconspicuous” move was part of yet another government conspiracy, the Atom smasher transport has more historical rather than controversial value. It is part of the society’s upcoming exhibit “WWII & NYC,” on New York City’s role in WWII.

Bored yet?

(Image: Flickr)