ATP New York: Friday Night In Photos

09.24.12 Andy Cush & Aymann Ismail

ANIMAL stopped by Pier 36 Friday to check out the first evening of All Tomorrows Parties’ “I’ll Be Your Mirror” festival, featuring Frank Ocean, Philip Glass & Tyondai Braxton, Edan the Deejay, and Lightning Bolt. The eclectic lineup was best summed up by Les Savy Fav’s Tim Harrington, who we ran into early in the night. “I was planning on seeing Lightning Bolt and leaving,” he said, “but now I’m feeling weirdly eroticized by the prospect of Philip Glass, Lightning Bolt, and Frank Ocean on the same bill.”

Lightning Bolt opened the bill with a roar, serving up the aural assault they’ve spent the past two decades honing and blindsiding a few Frank Ocean fans along the way. The set provided a glimpse into the lineup’s weird internal logic–when the band really locked into one of its noisy, repetitive grooves, it was easy to hear the influence of Glass and others’ early minimal music at work.

After Edan’s wholly unremarkable DJ set, Glass and former Battles singer/multi-instrumentalist Braxton took the stage, playing renditions of Glass’s Etudes 1, 2, and 10 supplemented by Braxton’s spacey guitar work. While the thrill of seeing the legendary composer playing in such an intimate setting was undeniable, the set felt thrown together and uninspired.

The main event arrived to raucous applause slightly after midnight, and was worth the wait–Frank, backed by a solid four-piece band, joyously ran through cuts from Nostalgia, Ultra and Channel Orange with the relaxed confidence of a runner taking a victory lap. It was awesome.

Edan the Deejay

Philip Glass & Tynodai Braxton

Frank Ocean

(Photos: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)