Australian Town Hiring Anti-Graffiti Papparazi

06.22.09 Will Sherman

window2Following a weekend graffiti spree in New South Wales, Australia, officials are looking to install a surveillance system. However, nobody in the small town of Cardiff wants to pay for CCTV cameras, which are not only expensive, but also not useful, so local business leader Robert Denton is trying a different tact:

“The next best thing is to hire a photographer with a long lens to do covert surveillance,” he said.

“I’ll set them up on top of a roof with a few sleeping bags. They’ll have a perfect angle to where the offenders are doing it.”

With less than a dozen people believed to be painting the graffiti and many of them with prior arrests, Denton hiring a human spy to stake out the walls they frequent will be the most effective measure. |The Herald|