Baby, The World Sucks

04.20.09 Copyranter

What a perfectly depressing social ad update. As all of the trashy tree-destroying magazines keep shoving in women’s faces every week, overpopulation is hot right now-what with the breeding Brangelinas and OctoMoms of the world pumping out broods like there’s no tomorrow. Which is funny, because there isn’t. Who cares!, says we, as America is going through its biggest baby boom since the Baby Boom. And the World Wildlife Fund would like us all to know that they absolutely HATE our babies. Previously, they’ve proposed that we might as well eat newborns to help preserve resources. Now, they’re suggesting that maybe mommies should keep carrying their progenies much longer than nine months. Haha, watch them grow up on sonograms, planet killers. The spot’s sad sign-off line, “Maybe this is no longer a planet worth living,” is clunky because that title board is a translated version for publicity purposes. By Vitruvio Leo Burnett in Madrid. Happy Monday!