Backdoor Pharmacist
Synergizes “Molly”

10.23.13 Backdoor Pharmacist

Where did “molly” come from? We need to travel back in time to answer that. It’s all over the news, this formulation of MDMA that the kids are popping at clubs. But kids are dying! This is what gets the news — a moral panic killing our youth; THINK OF THE CHILDREN! We have to do something about this “ecstasy.” You need to realign your brand identity with this kind of publicity…

Imagine someone who isn’t you, 10 years ago, as a clandestine chemist who’s just synthesized a new, very pure, batch of 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA). Usually, it’d go straight to the pill presses, but times are rough. The ecstasy pills are now being shown as poison on every news channel.

You try and differentiate yourself but the opposition is relentless, within weeks copying your new pill color and stamp and undercutting you. This severely dilutes your brand equity. Consumers are scared of harming their health.

You need marketing and good marketing, STAT! However, most marketing people do not consider the illicit substance market in their frame of reference despite its huge size and capitalization. There’s practically no literature on the subject. Instead, it is focused on metrics and basic trend analysis post-facto from the DEA and it takes them quite a long time to produce results. You can’t wait.

The illicit nature of this industry means traditional brand identity defenses, trademarking, copyrighting and lawsuits to enforce the intellectual property are irrelevant. As we are above the border, the ability to use direct punitive brand enforcement tactics or murder is extremely limited. We need to get back to basics.

Let’s consider the 4Ps of marketing: Product, Price, Promotion, Place and the secret 5th one, Packaging. The product is MDMA. This satisfies the consumer demand to escape the reality of the smelly subways, the smelly streets, the smelly homeless people and the smelly capitalism.

Your brand is a high quality product, so your prices are higher. That’s inflexible. Promotion is limited to personal selling. The underground nature of the industry means no billboards. Place is where the consumer accesses your product, and the environment is always with the dealer.

The threat to your base is that imitators are eroding the meaning of “ecstasy” so much that no matter what the pill looks like, people are untrustworthy. Promotion by word-of-mouth used to be king; “the blue ones with the bird.” But the fakers are outsmarting you.

Let’s focus on the Place. Wherever the deal is taking place, no one wants to stand around. In a club, in the street, at an apartment — everyone wants the transaction to go fast. That means you have an extremely short window to communicate your core competency: purity.

The secret 5th P — Packaging — is the only thing you can really modify. But how can you communicate immediately that your product is pure?

Your competitors hide their adulterants like BZP, TFMPP inside the tablet’s colored starch. The clear capsule offers the visibility of straight powder and the popability of a tablet. With a quick shake back and forth provides important product engagement and you communicate your core competency immediately to the consumer. It makes it more difficult for the fakers to mix substances as some are visually distinct. The final step in packaging is naming it.

The current zeitgeist is this postmodern, kitschy pastiche of different eras with a strong focus on being a “foodie” or a “wine aficionado” or someone who appreciates craft beers.

What you want is something that simultaneously speaks to the “connoisseur” impulse in today’s youth market and also feels like the girl next door. I’ve been told that “molly” comes from “molecular,” there’s a sciency aspect, and what could be more homely, wholesome, and All-American than a name like “Molly”? At least I’m using one of my degrees.

Have fun; try not to die.

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