Bagels: The Hot New (York) Food In Indonesia

07.23.12 David Lumb

Indonesia, archipelago nation of 17,508 islands and 238 million people in Southeast Asia, has a long history of trade and cultural exchange–which means delicious, delicious culinary diversity. The latest food invasion has been a 12-month creep of the New York bagel into Jakarta, capital of the nation with the largest Muslim population in the world.

The list of bagel shops culled by the Wall Street Journal is suitably diverse for Jakarta, from Bagel Bagel, a brick-sided deli evoking New York tradition to House of Bagel and Pretzel, a cafe decorated with Scotch bottles, Chinese ceramics, and a stamp collection. Though the bagels vary in quality–the former has soft, chewy bagels baked daily while the latter has crispier fare (get it untoasted, the article offers). Peruse and be amazed at the minor fusion miracles, like the sloppy joe-esque Mexicana at Bagel Bagel and seasonal roast duck sandwich for Chinese New Year at House of Bagel and Pretzel!

(Photo: BagelBagel/Facebook)