Bailout: An Economic Crisis-Themed Exploitation Action Flick?

11.07.12 Marina Galperina

Here  is German director Uwe Boll’s Bailout: The Age of Greed trailer, new and ghastly. See, this guy right here, “it’s not a fawking game” for this guy. This guy says, “Those were my life’s savings, you fawk!”

It’s an action movie. Keep that in mind as you watch the first 80% of the trailer as shitty financial crisis-related awfulness piles on John Above-Average-Man. And it builds. And builds. Until…

Millions of people have lost everything in the financial crisis. They’ve lost their jobs, their homes, their life savings. In addressing the crisis, the government bailout has not addressed the problem, but instead will have a horrific impact on state economies for generations to come. The bailout has proven more costly than the world’s collected history of wars and natural disasters. Countries are going bankrupt and our economic systems are collapsing. This film is about a man who lost everything in the bailout and who strikes back at the system that took everything he had.

Well, you know what, no. This film is not about that. It’s about a burly unfortunate gone fucking crazy shooting people. To death. Like those crazy people on TV that go shooting people. And I know, therein is the plot of all action films and don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good bank robbery scene and the miscellaneous cinematic shoot me up. That whole Joker Batman sequence, mm-mmm, ace! But… uh… this mess here is close to home, simplistic and socially, the worst kind of catharsis. Just the worst.