Banksy-Baiting Businessman Will Just Donate to Sandy Victims After All

10.28.13 Andy Cush

Near the beginning of Banksy’s monthlong NYC street-art spree, Nelson Saiers, a hedge fund manager from New Jersey, offered to donate $100,000 to Sandy victims if the artist painted a piece about the storm. It was a well-intentioned gesture, but we wondered at the time whether Saiers ought to forget about Banksy and simply donate the money free of any contingency.

Now, that’s exactly what Saiers’s has decided to do, giving $100,000 to the humanitarian organization World Vision. From his site, HeyBanksy.com:

As the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy is upon us, I’ve decided to waive the criterion on my ORIGINAL LETTER and will donate the original $100,000 to WORLD VISION to benefit underprivileged children in Sandy affected areas. At this point, the anonymous donors are waiting to see if you will accept the original offer before donating the remaining $142,000. As art is subjective, if you have already completed a piece fulfilling the requirement please contact me. Speaking of great art, during your residency if you haven’t seen Swoon’s Hurricane Sandy mural you should check it out. She’s doing an amazing thing.

Good call, Mr. Saiers. And we agree: that Swoon piece on the Bowery wall is pretty awesome.