Banksy Lost $80 on His Central Park Art Sale

10.16.13 Andy Cush

Over the weekend, Banksy set up shop outside Central Park, hiring someone to sell 100% authentic works for the low, low price of $60. It was a brilliantly self-parodying satirical move, and it netted a grand total of $420 in revenue (only three lucky winners actually bought works).

Now, thanks to reporting from Gothamistwe know that the artist didn’t even turn a profit from the meager sale–in fact, he’s out a cool $80. The stand was rented to Banksy by Thuptin Kunkhen and a friend, who say they charged $500 for one day’s use of their space (and that doesn’t even include whatever Banksy paid the old man).

The men say they never met Banksy himself, and that the phone number the used to communicate with his team appears to be inactive now. Watch a brief video interview with them above.