#BanksyNY 17: Silhouetted Ladies in Williamsburg

10.17.13 Andy Cush

The latest of Banksy’s Better Out Than In NYC pieces is a simple one: two women, one holding a fan and the other a parasol, and a bonsai-looking tree, around a small arch in Bed Stuy Williamsburg. It looks a lot like the work of Kara Walker. No audio guide this time.

Banksy also posted a picture of today’s New York Post front cover, which featured a headline about the NYPD pursuing the artist. “I don’t read what i believe in the papers,” read his caption

UPDATE: We found it. It’s on Cook Street right off Graham Avenue in Williamsburg, not Bed Stuy as Banksy noted on his site.

UPDATE 2 (11:58AM): Someone identifying himself as STF tagged the piece, and someone who appears to be the building’s owner Jose, the building manager, slammed him to the ground in retaliation. More pictures in the gallery. ANIMAL Banksy spotter Krystyna Printup says the tagger was caught and beaten up.

UPDATE 3 (12:36PM): A group of people has started cleaning the piece up. “People enjoy seeing this stuff. It’s a fun thing for people in the city to do,” Shaun deLacy, who led the effort, told ANIMAL. “If I can help people see it before it gets ruined, then great.”

UPDATE 4 (1:01PM): Not too shabby. The cleanup crew has restored the piece almost to its original condition.

UPDATE 5 (5:57PM): The piece has been encased in plexiglass.

(Photos: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)