#BanksyNY 20: High Striker on the UWS

10.20.13 Bucky Turco

Yesterday, Banksy released video of a vaginal (or rectal?) anthill somewhere in Staten Island. But today, the street artist unveiled a stencil of a young boy with a mallet that looks like he’s playing high striker or what is commonly referred to as a “strongman’s game,” like the ones at the carnival. He says it’s in the Upper West Side. If you see something, send something. UPDATE (10:18am): It’s on West 79th Street just off Broadway on the side of a Designer Shoe Warehouse.
(Photos: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)

UPDATE 2 (2:00pm): The person in these photos attempted to deface the stencil with spray paint, but was physically rebuffed according to Instagram user @aidankthomas.

(Photos: aidankthomas/Instagram)

UPDATE 3 (11:00pm): The piece has been covered in plexiglass and buried in trash.

UPDATE 4 (Monday, 8:30am): The plexiglass has been tagged.