Banksy’s Better Out Than In Work Is Guarded and for Sale at Art Miami

12.04.13 Aymann Ismail and Marina Galperina

“Make me an offer,” a rep from the Keszler Gallery tells ANIMAL by the chiseled out chunk of wall bearing Banksy’s helium balloon stencilOMAR’s obnoxious tag and other embellishments. The Red Hook piece from the artist’s Better Out Than In month-long “residency” in New York is for sale at Art Miami, along with a door torn off the car Banksy painted on the Lower East Side. Both items are surrounded by guards.

The car door is priced at $375,000, the rep then tells us. “The wall is… $15 a pound?” he muses, sounding uncertain. It’s expected to sell for $700,000. All that seems rather overpriced and hazy, but the Keszler Gallery has been selling Banksy pieces hacked out of walls in Los Angeles and Palestine.

“He is a social anarchist yet has a dealer, an agent and a spokesperson,” the gallery site writes about Banksy, trying to explain selling his transplanted street art. Sounds like a slightly more sophisticated way to restate their other justifications: “We do not need his permission to do what he wants, because it’s not owned by him. It’s made by him.”

(Photos: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)