Banksy’s Sphinx Dismantled Brick by Brick, Loaded Into Box Truck

10.22.13 Andy Cush

A group of people loaded Banksy’s “Sphinx” piece into the back of a truck this afternoon. One of the men, Bernardo Valez, had previously declared the sculpture as his own, and was reportedly selling bricks for $100 a pop.

ANIMAL’s Yossera Bouchita asked one of the men how he felt about claiming ownership of art that was placed on public property, who said that he didn’t care, offering the fact that the city wants to redevelop Willets Point as a defense. “The city wants everybody kicked out from here,” he said. “The city doesn’t want anything from this place.”

Here’s the spot after they took it from, plus some Instagram video below of the dismantling.

(Photos: Yossera Bouchita/ANIMALNewYork)