Banksy’s ‘The Antics Roadshow’ Doesn’t Suck, Voina Liked It

08.17.11 Marina Galperina

VOINAThe first serving of Banksy-produced The Antics Roadshow TV show premiered over the weekend, scooping up intervention artists, satirical terrorists and political prankster vandals from ’round the world, including Banksy favorites Voina. Here it is, all of it.

From the Yes Men to IRL Pacman, there were lots of provocateurs in there, silly, serious and both. Russian epic bridge bombing antics of Voina — that would be a “both” — kick off around 13:00.

The crew had a few words for Banksy via ANIMAL: Thanks for the support and the $120,000 that Banksy donated to bail out Oleg and Lenya after they over-turned a cop car and were facing seven years. Oleg (currently wanted and in hiding) reminds us that the left overs are “donated monthly to Russian political prisoners in different cities, for food and legal representation.” They also would like to clarify that it’s not them doing the “repressionist-rapey sucking of cop mugs,” but the “former” members “exiled” from the group, who still perform under the name.

Also, it’s Oleg’s birthday. “Where’s Thief?” “I will return!” “He will return.”

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