The Barclays Black Car Backlash Arrives

11.21.12 Andy Cush

Last month, we noted that the arrival of the Barclays Center was bringing more taxis than ever before to Brooklyn. As it turns out, it isn’t just yellow cabs that are occupying the new territory, it’s black cars too–and some locals aren’t happy about it. Residents say that on event nights, hired cars blatantly flaut traffic laws, stopping and stalling in illegal spots all around the arena. “Residents are trying to do everything they can to park, and they’re upset that they’re getting tickets for parking illegally while limousines can break the same rules,” said Peter Krashes, president of the Dean Street Block Association.

To ease the traffic and parking pain, the Department of Transportation plans to create a “staging area” for black cars to wait in, on the south side of Atlantic near 6th Avenue. This, predictably, was met with criticism as well. “What are we doing, giving free parking to limos?” said Atlantic Yards Watch blogger Gib Veconi. “[This is] more public space for the benefit of the Barclays Center.”

(Photo: Brendan Lynch/Flickr)