Bare-Nippled Art Attacker Strikes Again

08.15.11 Marina Galperina

Four months after 53-year-old Susan Burns pounded at a pair of bare-breasted broads in a Gauguin painting because the CIA chip in her head told her they were evil lesbians, she’s ba-a-ack at the National Gallery of Art, pummeling a Matisse… and just as quickly, she’s institutionalized.

This time, Susan Burns banged the $2.5 million, 1919 oil The Plumed Hat against the wall, damaging the original frame.

She was charged with destroying property, attempted theft, unlawful entry and contempt but declared incompetent to stand trial and was “transferred immediately” from a D.C. jail to a mental hospital to be “monitored closely.”

So she’s mentally ill, but why this Matisse?

Has Susan Burns gobbled one too many of Glenn Beck’s freedom fries, focusing her rampage exclusively on French artists? Or did the gaydar upgrade in her CIA brain chip pick up on something “very homosexual” about the lady in The Plumed Hat? The world may never know.

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