Belgium Telecom Creates Mexican Hat Dance “Airshake” Video

11.03.09 Copyranter

Telenet_Airshake Let the Swine Flu marketing exploitation epidemic begin! To “keep communicating during Mexcian Flu,” billion dollar Belgian telecommunications giant Telenet proposes that we replace the handshake with the airshake. From their microsite: “…we desperately need a new way of greeting each other, since greeting is the cornerstone of our social and political life. It’s a sign of mutual respect, friendship and equality. As of today we propose to replace the firm handshake by an airshake, that’s a handshake without touching one another.” So concerned are they, they even created a short video demonstration with Jarabe Tapatio—aka the Mexican Hat Dance—as the soundtrack. Jump for the video, via ad agency: Duval Guillaume in Brussels.

|Image: Direct Daily|