Better Offline Than On: Banksy Shutters NY Website Amidst Paris Rumors

12.03.13 Andy Cush

As rumors that Banksy has set up shop in La Ville-Lumière for a Paris residency continue to swirl (he has not), here’s some actual news about the elusive street artist. Banksyny.com, the site that hosted the artist’s Better Out Than In NYC work in October, has been pulled down, and Banksy.co.uk, his original site, now displays a Banksy tag on a splash page with no other content.

If you’re looking for documentation of the artist’s New York residency, ANIMAL has you covered.

Yesterday, Banksy’s agent verified to the French magazine Les Inrockuptibles that Banksy-Paris.com, a new site that mocks the visual style of Better Out Than In, isn’t real, but that hasn’t stopped whoever’s behind it from continuing to work. Banksy-Paris.com updated with an image of a new stencil piece both Sunday and Monday, and this morning it is displaying video of a installation/performance involving a statue (or statuesque person) and some pigeons.

As several outlets have noted, a Whois lookup on the Paris site reveals one Nakamura Takehiro as the registrar. It’s unclear exactly who that is, but this Japanese photographer seems like the most likely candidate after some quick Googling.

Whoever’s running this Banksy Paris Twitter account acknowledged the existence of Nakamura Takehiro this morning.